About Linda Manor Assisted Living in Leeds, MA

Linda Manor Assisted Living opened in 2014 to meet a local demand for senior housing. Offering both traditional assisted living and assisted living with memory care, Linda Manor Assisted Living shares a campus with Linda Manor Extended Care, a skilled care center servicing the Northampton community since 1989.

Today, this campus of care provides families with a variety of senior housing and healthcare options with a shared commitment to the highest standards of excellence.

Supportive senior living in Western Massachusetts.

Linda Manor Assisted Living is conveniently located north of Northampton on Route 9 along the bus route and close to Cooley Dickinson Hospital.

We proudly serve communities in Hampshire County and the surrounding Pioneer Valley area including Florence, Hadley, Hatfield, Northampton, and Williamsburg,

Part of the Integritus Healthcare family.

Linda Manor Assisted Living is proud to be a member of the Integritus Healthcare family, sharing a commitment to delivering high-quality care to our patients and residents. Integritus Healthcare is not-for-profit, reinvesting in our people, programs and services to provide the high-quality care in the communities served.

  • Integritus Healthcare owns or operates 15 rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities in Massachusetts; Linda Manor Assisted Living, a traditional assisted living and specialized memory care community in Leeds, Mass.; Day Brook Village Senior Living, a continuing care retirement community in Holyoke, Mass.; East Longmeadow Memory Care Assisted Living, a memory care assisted living community in East Longmeadow, Mass; Kimball Farms, a life care, continuing care retirement community in Lenox, Mass.; and two hospice providers, HospiceCare in The Berkshires and Pioneer Valley Hospice & Palliative Care, for those with life-limiting illnesses.

  • Integritus Healthcare is a not-for-profit, consumer-centered organization committed to fulfilling the health and residential needs of the population in the communities we serve.

  • Integritus Healthcare creates exceptional experiences that will cause those we serve to always prefer us.

  • Integrity – We exhibit moral and ethical conduct, reliability, and dedication

    Compassion – We treat customers, families, employees, and community members with dignity, respect, courtesy, and kindness

    Excellence – We maintain the highest standards for clinical and service quality, and commit to continually improving the organization, our knowledge and skills

    Teamwork – We work together in our pursuit of excellence and hold each other to the highest professional standards

    Stewardship – We responsibly develop and invest our resources in a sustainable manner and for the benefit of our stakeholders

  • We have been caring for seniors for decades. Our housing, rehab, skilled nursing, and senior living programs are designed to meet the needs of our community. Since we are not-for-profit, we reinvest our time, talent and resources into our people, our programs and our services. We focus on outcomes, and we are proud to be a resource to the families who need us now and in the future.